Flipping Out

Lomax and Biggs Mystery #3

Nora Bannister writes murder mysteries with a twist—a very lucrative twist. She buys a run-down house in LA, and while her business partners turn it into a showpiece they can flip for a big profit, Nora makes it the scene of a grisly murder and the star of the next book in her bestselling House To Die For series.

As soon as the book goes on sale, there’s a bidding frenzy for the house. But just before Nora’s latest book hits the market, one of her house-flipping partners is murdered. LAPD Detectives Mike Lomax and Terry Biggs know the victim well—she’s the wife of one of their fellow cops.

As they dig into the victim’s private life, one of her partners, another cop’s wife, is murdered. Is someone stalking cops’ families, or is the killer out to murder the house-flippers? Either way, Mike and Terry have to track him down before he murders his next logical target. Marilyn Biggs—Terry’s wife.

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