Cut, Paste, Kill

Lomax and Biggs Mystery #4

When Eleanor Bellingham-Crump—an unrepentant socialite who is responsible for the drunk-driving death of a 10-year-old boy—turns up murdered on the floor of a Hollywood hotel bathroom, Detectives Mike Lomax and Terry Biggs are confronted with a crime of artistic brutality. Along with the scissors sticking from Eleanor’s lifeless body, the two detectives find a meticulous scrapbook documenting a motive of vengeance in lurid detail.

As more bodies are discovered, each one connected by the intricate scrapbooks left at the scene, Lomax and Biggs are on the hunt for a vigilante stalking unpunished criminals. They must race to decode the meaning behind the scrapbooks before the crafty avenger has time to cut and paste the story for another kill.

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