When I was in the TV business I learned that people tune into their favorite show week after week not so much for the latest plot, but for the predictable emotional experience they get from being with characters they’ve come to know, love, or even hate.

My books are fiction, but I’ve done my best to create real, believable, three-dimensional characters. Good guys and bad guys, who can sometimes be bigger than life, but always have the ring of truth.

Nowhere is that more important to me than with my lead detectives. In real life, cops can be wickedly funny. It’s how they combat the harsh reality of what they see every day. So don‘t be surprised if the cops in my books (especially Terry Biggs) make you laugh out loud while you’re gripping the edge of your seat.

A final note: Each book stands on its own, so feel free to start with the title that grabs you. However, there’s an arc to the main characters over the span of the series, so if you’re a purist like me, you’ll enjoy them even more if you read them in order.

The Lomax and Biggs Mysteries

Coauthored with James Patterson